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Travel from Bangkok
  • By Car the direction is easy, you can take highway No.4 past Prachuap Kiri Kan down to Chumpon province then switch highway No.41, drive past to tungsong district  to trang province pass Ratsada district then Houy yod district then Muang district and switch to highways No.404 direction to stun province. For highway No.404 drive pass Yan Ta Khao district then Tung Yao district and Tung Wa district. after you can drive a long way to Langu district then go to  Pakbara pier total distance is a round 940 Kilometeres.
  • By train you can take train from Bangkok to Trang Railway station. From the Railway station, you can take a van ( operate by travel agency) to stun province. The van service 2 times per day at 09.00am, 11.00am. Another option you can take Tuk-Tuk taxi, or Motorcycle taxi from railway to Trang-Stun Bus terminal. The fare is about  20-30 THB per person. The bus schedule is every hours to stun province. Start from early morning still evening but you have to stop at Langu district take a local bus. Remember that don’t take the bus to the end of the trip to Muang district. The distance from  Langu to Pakbara pier is only  12 kilometers. You can visit: www.railway.co.th for train schedule. 
  • By Bus there air-condition bus service from Bangkok – Stun province every day. The southern bus terminal on variety of time .Again you have to stop at Langu district then take local bus to Pakbara pier. For more information, please visit www.transport.co.th or call 02-8946122
  • By Plane you can use flight service from Air Asia, Nok Air or Thai Airways to get Had Yai, you can take van to Pakbara pier directly, there is tuk tuk taxi service  from Had -Yai air port to had – yai Pakbara van station. The Van schedule  is in every hours from  8am to late in  the evening. The far is around 150 THB per person. Another option for those who have lots of baggage and prefer private  transfer  is car taxi. The rate is higher the taxi van  but you can have better comfort trip . it will take around 2 hours from Hat-Yai to Pakbara Pier.

Travel from  Had – Yai
             It easy from Had-Yai to Koh Lipe. You have 4 main ways as you choice.
          1st  By car you can drive from Had-Yai via Rattaphum district to Kuan Ka Lhong district then Ta para district  then La ngu district , from La ngu district you can drive  only 12 kilometer to Pakbara pier from Pakbara pier take time around 2 hours to Koh  Lipe.
          2nd By taxi Van  there is a taxi van in very hours starting at 8.00am  still  late evening. The fare is 150 THB the van drive from  Had-Yai directly to pakbara pier. This also take 2 hours.
          3rd  By Air-condition bus this service start from  5.40 am to 6.30pm everyday. By the way to take bus for Had-Yai to Satun, you have another bus from stun to La ngu  district.
          4th By private taxi  you have choice by car or van  taxi. The fare is higher them other ways but it is comfortable if you want base comfort. This way is also good for big group tourists because you can share the taxi fare with good price.
Ferry & speedboat schedule thailand pier 
Bakbara - Lipe   Lipe - Pakbara
10.30 AM 09.00 AM
11.30 AM 10.00 AM
15.30 PM 13.30 PM

How to get From  Malaysia - Koh Lipe
Travel from Langawi
The easiest way to travel from Malaysia to Koh Lipe  is starting  the trip by ferry from Langawi to  Koh  Iipe. There are 2 hours offer direct ferry service. The 1st  on is  Telega Harbour  and 2nd one is Kuah Jetty.
       telega Harbour 
Langkawi -Lipe 
Departure   Route
Lipe  - Langawi 
09.30am 10.30am
2.30pm 4.30pm
                                                       Kuah Jetty 
Langkawi -Lipe 
Departure   Route
Lipe  - Langawi 
08.00am 10.30am